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Midwest Fastpitch Softball Showcase Description

The Midwest Fastpitch Softball Showcase is a unique showcase event for top high school softball players who have the desire and ability to play college softball. This event will allow participants to skill test individually and play in games in front of dozens of college coaches from all over the Midwest Region. The showcase is open to players who have completed their Freshmen, Sophomore, or Junior years.

The event provides the same type of exposure that college exposure tournaments provide (like the ones in Colorado and Illinois) the only difference being the players are all evaluated individually and actually get to play in front of dozens of college coaches in attendance. With the college exposure tournaments there are games spread out all over the place and there are no individual skill testing opportunities. Many players and even entire teams do not get much, if any, exposure because of the way these tournaments are set up. This Showcase is much different and all players get equal exposure opportunity. Participants will be evaluated on arm strength, running ability, pop times, and defensive ability during the skill testing. All skill testing results are shared with all participants and all coaches in attendance.

The Midwest Fastpitch Softball Showcase is an exciting opportunity to play with and against some of the most talented high school softball prospects in the Midwest Region. Top players come from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan. If a player is serious about playing softball in college, at any level, this Showcase is a must!!

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