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This roster / leaderboard contains a comprehensive list of every softball player in our system.  Search by player name or use the search criteria to focus on positions, graduation year, etc…

Once you find a player, click on their name and find their individual player profile that includes metric data, video’s and more.


The links below will take you to the leaderboards from our tryouts and showcases.

Categories include:  Performance, Hitting, and Pitching.  Sort by category and click on a players name to see their individual player profiles.

05/12/2024 Last Chance Showcase ID

05/05/2024 Packerland Showcase ID

04/21/2024  Northwest WI Showcase ID

03/17/2024  Northeast WI #2 Showcase ID

03/16/2024  Velocity Private Showcase ID

03/10/2024  Metro Milwaukee Showcase ID

02/25/2024  Wisconsin Lightning Private Showcase ID

02/23/2024  Spring SE WI Showcase ID

02/18/2024  Metro MN #02 Showcase ID

02/17/2024  Metro MN #01 Showcase ID

02/11/2024  Wisconsin Outlawz Private Showcase ID

02/10/2024 Northwest Chicago IL Showcase ID

01/28/2024 Kansas City Showcase ID

01/21/2024 Northeast WI Showcase ID

01/20/2024 North Suburban Chicago Showcase ID

01/14/2024 North Central WI Showcase ID

01/05/2024 Elite SE WI Showcase ID

12/09/2023 Wisconsin Bandits Private Showcase ID


08/11/2023 Future Stars Showcase

08/10/2023 Midwest Fastpitch Showcase


05/14/2023 Last Chance Showcase ID

05/07/2023 Packerland Showcase ID

04/23/2023 Northwest WI Showcase ID

03/11/2023 Southeast WI Showcase ID

03/05/2023 Wisconsin Lightning Private Showcase ID

02/26/2023 Elite NE WI Showcase ID

02/24/2023 Spring SE WI Showcase ID

02-19-2023 South Metro MN Showcase ID

02-18-2023 North Metro MN Showcase ID

02-05-2023 Wisconsin Outlawz Private Showcase ID

02-04-2023 Northwest IL Showcase ID

01/28/2023 North Central IL Showcase ID

01/20/2023 Elite SE WI Showcase ID

01/15/2023 North Central WI Showcase ID

01/08/2023  Iowa Open Showcase ID

01/07/2023 Kansas City Metro Showcase ID

12/11/2022 Northeast WI Showcase ID

12/03/2022  Wisconsin Bandits Private Showcase ID

08/04/2022  Midwest Fastpitch Showcase

08/02/2022  Future Stars Showcase

05/21/2022 Packerland Final Tryout

05/15/2022 Last Chance Tryout

05/01/2022 Southwest Chicago Tryout

04/24/2022 Northwest WI Tryout

03/27/2022 South Metro MN Tryout

03/26/2022 North Metro MN Tryout

03/20/2022 Iowa Tryout

02/26/2022 Kansas City Tryout

02/20/2022 Northeast WI Tryout

02/19/2022 Wisconsin Outlawz Tryout

02/13/2022 Minnesota Renegades Tryout

02/05/2022 Northwest Chicago Tryout

01/22/2022 Bats Academy WI Tryout

01/16/2022 North Central IL Tryout

12/12/2021 North Central WI Tryout

12/05/2021 Wisconsin Bandit Tryout

12/03/2021 Midwest Speed MN Tryout

11/7/2021 Greater Green Bay WI Tryout

10/10/2021 Southeast WI Tryout

8/05/2021 Midwest Fastpitch Showcase

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